Litter Robot 3 Web App

The Litter Robot is a great piece of equipment. Sure, the best part is I don't have to scoop poop. However, I also don't have to guess how many times my cat is using her litter box. Back in 2022, I noticed our cat had used her litter box 15 times in the past 12 hours, which was concerning for her. My wife took her to the vet, and while it wasn't anything serious that time, it was great to be able to get out in front of any potential health issues.

Since this happened, my wife now is wanting to know how the cat is doing, and I'm the only one with the Whisker app installed on my phone. Whisker did not have a web portal to check this, but I found out Home Assistant supported Litter Robot, and that used an undocumented Whisker API. I decided to start building a web application with a Spring Boot back end and React front end to proxy requests to the API.

I only have one Litter Robot 3, so I initially coded everything to support only this use case. However, I realized that other people with more cats may have multiple robots, so I changed how the UI worked to support multiple Litter Robot 3s for a single user.

The web app is currently designed to be run on a trusted local network, on a home server or Raspberry Pi.

I hope this is useful for others, as it has been useful for me. 😀


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