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DIY Dynamic DNS Using Netlify API

I don't really need to send many calls back to my network at my house when I am away, but when I want to show someone the progress we are making on the family Minecraft Christmas village, it is nice to be able to call to a Mapcrafter server at my house. This is the current family Minecraft Christmas Village. The image is generated by Mapcrafter using this group of Bash scripts. Now I don't have a business internet line at my house, so my IP can change theoretically at any time. I have looked at a  few services offering Dynamic DNS, however, some didn't fit my needs. Also they all cost money, and my preference would be to not spend any money if I don't have to. I found some projects on Github that communicate with the Netlify API using an access token to update the domain entry dynamically, however, I had issues with the projects I tried . I wanted to stick to apt for installing software, I didn't want to install Docker, and some of the domain updates were lea